вторник, 26 май 2009 г.

CU goodie in store - Custom shapes

I have new CU goodie in store - custom shapes of stars and moons.

16 custom shapes of moons, stars and 1 cloud. Easy to use, just click and drag the mouse and you have one beautiful element. You can color them, resize, use style, patern... just like that and create you own unique ellement. Custom shapes are vector based in individual files. Personal and comersial use.

Note: this elements on the preview are not included, they are just colorized for example!
Take a look the example:

And also new "Stamp it - Dates"

Use this stamps to set you pages with dates. You can use them to add little something to your layouts. You can use them to create even other elements with dates from the year to remind you that certain time. You can color them, style them - everything that your imagination tells you. Perfect to any page!
The files are all months in a sheet and also as a separate elements - all in 300 dpi, and in .png format.

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Good brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.