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My TOU!!!


Personal Use
November 2010


Thank you for reading this file!
All designs in this file have been created by Tanya Stoyanova /a.k.a SheDevil/.


All copyrights to graphics within this kit /elements/are retained by the creator of the kit.
You may submit your scrapbook layouts, using portions of or entire pieces of this files
to online or print publications so long as credit a is given to the original holder.
EXAMPLE of Credit: /KIT or ELEMENTS NAME "..."./by SheDevil

Link to my blog: http://shedevil-blog.blogspot.com/

You may print a hardcopy of content to be used in your personal scrapbooking projects ONLY.

You may NOT incorporate these graphics into any commercial projects; i.e.: web design/sites,
templates, Commercia license or any projects which will produce income. Y
ou are not allowed to resell, redirect.
You may NOT Offer these graphics for download, resell, traded or shared regardless
if they were on purchased, bought during a sale or downloaded as a complimentary selection.
Thank you!

Commercial use TOU
Created By SheDevil`s Designs


All rights to graphics, elements and scrapbooks are retained by SheDevil`s Designs
These elements were created at 300 dpi to insure a good printing quality.

1. YOU MAY alter these graphics and use them in your personal scrapbooking, layouts and frame making.
2. YOU MAY copy and modify the Product for your own personal use
(recolor, resize, and otherwise change these graphics for your own personal layouts).
3. YOU MAY use them as part of you digital kits projects or personal pages.

1. YOU MAY NOT resell or redistribute these graphics in any way.
2. YOU MAY NOT offer them in any other graphics collection, on a other website without links on original image and author.
3. YOU MAY NOT offer any of my graphics images on any webpage for download.
4. YOU MAY NOT use any of the graphics in the making of brushes, patterns, styles and redistribute them in any way.
5. YOU MAY NOT add these graphics to any CD for sale.
6. YOU MAY NOT claim as yours.
8.NO FREEBIES ALLOWED WITH THESE ELEMENTS /QP ARE ALOOWED as long as the layers are merged!!/
9.not more than 30% of your designs must be my commercial use items.
10. You MAY NOT use my elements from CU pack for Commercial License!

Thank you for respecting my rights under the law.

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