вторник, 12 януари 2010 г.

New CU product

"Designer resource Vo. 13"

This is set of 14 elements for PU,CU and S4H friendly!
All in 300 dpi and png files.
No drop shadow.
- 1 chess board;
- 1 white pawn;
-1 set of 2 white pawns;
-2 black pawns;
-1 dresser;
-1 lamp;
-2 party paper hats /one with gems/;
- 1 chair;
-1 vase with decoration;
-1 white vase;
-1 coffee cup;
-1 coffee cup in PSD file for easy manipulation or to create your own decoration/;
- 1 bubble with feathers.

You can find it here! and in my others stores!

... and some more CU for the upcoming Valentines Day!

"Designer resource Vo. 14"

This is set of 16 elements for the upcoming Valentine`s Day.
This set contains all the elements which are in my part of the Valentine`s Day Mega Grab Bag in our store, and some more new elements!
You can find it the Collab Grab Bag here with the contribution of lots a great designers!
No drop shadow, all in 300 dpi and .png files.


This is CU and S4H OK set!

Read my TOU here!

You can find this set exclusively in CU4U.com only!!!

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