сряда, 28 април 2010 г.

NSD events!

Hey girls!
Youknow whats coming soon, right? Yap, the iNSD!!!
Yay!We have many surprises for you and events in our stores!
In www.sunflowerscrap.com we will have Store sale 30% off for May 1-2!
And even more % for some products!Be sure to step by and take a look.
Also, free with purchase event for the weekends - our coming store collab.
How that sounds? Great or what?

In www.cu4u.com - plans for 25% off everything!!!
All CU products on great price!
We create lovely CU grab bag for you and it`s all flowers, blooming in the air for the amazing kits!
This is my part:

And in Digidesignsresort.com - 30% storewide sales, even more for some products!
We have and new category:
Mix and Match
and there you can find amazimg mini kits for the price of 2$ each!
you can chose, match and buy a huge kit for little money!
All designers create this mini kits for the NSD!
My part:

-16 elements
-4 papers
PU only!

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